Bolivia- Asociación Integral de Productores Ecológicos de Pumiri (AIPEP)
Members – 73 members
Location – Pumiri, Bolivia
Elevation – 1,100-1,400 meters
Established – 2002
Coffee varieties – Tipica
Diversification – fruit trees, cocao
Typical farm size – 7 hectares
Asociación Integral de Productores Ecológicos de Pumiri (AIPEP) is a farming cooperative located in and around the villages of Pumiri and Calama, approximately 2 hours from the city of Caranavi in the Department of La Paz. Organized in 2002 and comprised of 73 members, the cooperative has the potential to export 6 containers of coffee per year. The average area of cultivation is 7 hectares. All of their coffee is certified organic by IMO Control. AIPEP has a women’s organization, with 7 women members of the cooperative. They are part of FECAFEB’s “Group of 8” and depend on the federation’s support for commercialization and exportation of their coffee.The fair trade premium collected from coffee sales is put into a fund which is accruing over time, with plans to use it to build a new collection center/office building for AIPEP. Their current building is wooden and in a state of disrepair. There is also a project proposal from the women’s group for a child nutrition program and facilities for training women, with an estimated cost of $19,000. The funds for this project are not slated to come from the FLO premium, but are instead being solicited from coffee buyers. The organic premium from coffee sales is distributed to each producer.

The founding members of AIPEP have worked hard to construct impressive internal systems for excellent organic production and quality control, as well as solid mechanisms for assuring participation and administrative oversite by the members. AIPEP leaders say some 120 other farmers in the surrounding areas are watching their progress at securing markets, and have the potential to multiply their export capacity four-fold.