So, you just snagged a bag of Just Coffee’s fair trade organic coffee beans, what do you do next?  Why you brew a cup of course! While you’re waiting for that french press, pour over or drip to work it’s brewing magic, why don’t you check out where you beans came from, when they were roasted and how much Just Coffee paid our farmer partners for it?

That’s right, at the bottom of your bag you will find two sets of numbers:

1) [XX/XX/XX] indicates the expiration date of your coffee – 6 months from the date it was packaged.

2) [XXXX] this is your MOSA code that allows you to use the directions below to look up roast date and contracts related to the coffee in your bag.  If your coffee of choice is a blend, it will have multiple MOSA codes if the blend is a post-roast blend.



Using your computer’s search tool (Ctrl+F for PC – Command+F for Macs) type in the 4 digit MOSA code (located on the bottom of your bag of Just Coffee beans).

What you see, from left to right is: MOSA number, date of roasting, the importer’s designation, the green-lot number, the price-per-pound paid to the grower cooperative and the link to the contract under which the green coffee was purchased.

Don’t see your coffee’s contract? We’re still working to receive images from all of our suppliers, but it’s not common practice in the industry (yet). We hope to have the problem resolved soon!