Welcome to the Just Coffee Community Fundraising page! We have designed this program to support the many deserving causes out there and we’re grateful for the opportunity to play a small role. Thank you for all the good you people do in the world!

We have a cause too, and by fundraising through Just Coffee you are helping support the farmers and their families who provide us with these delicious beans. We are proud to have socially conscious coffee that aligns with the values of our many community fundraising partners!
WE OFFER DELICIOUS, high-quality, 100% fair trade, certified organic, roasted to order coffee from small-scale farmer cooperatives around the world.

WHOLESALE COSTS allow groups to make 30-40% profit or more.

A SIMPLE ORDERING PROCESS makes for a short turnaround time.

DEDICATED CUSTOMER SERVICE to answer any questions along the way!

Country of Origin:
Country of Origin:
Countries of Origin:
Honduras and Colombia


  1. Read through the information below and check out our Just Coffee Co-op Community Fundraising FAQ-Page. Still interested (we hope so!)? Send us an introduction to fund@justcoffee.coop with your contact information and a quick summary describing your fundraising plan. We’ll get you set up with an account.
  2. Check out our Product-Page featuring a popular medium, dark and decaf roast. We also offer Omanhene Hot Chocolate for our non-coffee drinkers!
  3.  Design your fundraiser. Are you taking orders from customers ahead of time or selling at an event? We have Individual Comm Fund Order Forms –print as many as you need! Put together a timeline and guidelines for your group or organization. Set pricing and goals for fundraising!
  4.  Place your Order! Compile individual order forms and fill out a Master Order Form. Opted out of doing individual forms? You can still use a Master Order Form and email it to fund@justcoffee.coop. Keep in mind a minimum order size of 25 units (coffee or hot cocoa) is required.

Check out our FAQ page for more information and important details about deadlines, payment and when you can pick up your coffee!


More Info:

About Just Coffee Booklet

Just Coffee Fact Sheet


Comm Fund Ordering Instructions

Comm Fund Products

Individual Comm Fund Order Forms

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