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For us, coffee isn’t a magic show. There are no reveals, no secrets, and no tricks.

Just Coffee’s relationship-driven sourcing ethos is fairly unique in the specialty coffee industry in that our relationship with our producer partners doesn’t end when we buy their coffee. Yearly visits to meet with farmers, our co-ownership in our importing cooperative Co-op Coffees, our collaboration with NGO’s likeĀ On The Ground, and our support of unique community-development projects have led to overall increases in quality both in the coffee and in the relationships themselves.

In our lab, we take coffee seriously because we want our coffee to represent how hard our producer partners work. I’m a Certfied Q Arabica Grader and Just Coffee’s head roaster is a Level 2 SCA-Certified Roaster. Our profiling process is intensive. We use an Ikawa Pro sample roaster/dual-Loring setup and are constantly reevaluating each coffee so that every bag is what you expect from us. Every week, we cup every coffee we roast because it means something to us.

My goal: fireworks, every time you taste one of our coffees; you’ll know why we can absolutely, 100%, every time, proudly sign “Just Coffee” to it.

Scott Spilger
Certified Q-Grader


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