The market place is full of labels, certifications, and claims. Some are policed by third parties and some are based on a “trust us” model. Words sound great, pictures are pretty, and labels can look very official. But how do we know? Like really know?

Most of us want to do the right thing. We want to be sure that what we buy does not hurt people or the environment around us. Companies and corporations know this: there is a lot of green in being green. But what is to stop a company with lots of marketing cash to tell a story that is not quite true– or worse– is a downright farce?

The answer is Transparency.

Transparency lets us see what companies are doing– how they operate, who they source from, and where your money goes when you buy their products.In 2006 Just Coffee started our transparency project. We figured that instead of hiding behind the “thumbs up” of a third party we would show you exactly who we are and how we operate. Available on this page are links to our contracts with farmers, the prices we pay to them, our profit and loss statements, and more. Is the way we trade “fair”? You can decide for yourself

In a world defined by global economic interaction we are all connected in a real way. We want to remove the barriers so that you can see who we work with and how your consumer choices affect those who grow or make the things you buy.

If we want global economic democracy we have to work for economic transparency.


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