A Man, A Printer and A Whole Lot of Coffee

Hello world, this is Brett, your friendly neighborhood Just Coffee Cooperative Web Sales Specialist. Ha! See what I did there? Awesome. Come take a stroll with me through a day at Just Coffee Co-op.

The aroma never fails to jolt me awake. I strut in doing my best Travolta and oh, it is good I swear. If you got to work inside your morning cup of coffee you may just be strutting around too, or would you be swimming? Hmm, this metaphor might need some work. Oh well, here we go!

The Printer and I have our traditional morning battle. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but either way I eventually get my list – so you tell me who’s really winning. (I hope you’re reading this Printer because yeah, I went there, what are you going to do about it, huh? Evolve and grow opposable thumbs so you can face me like a man? Ha! I think not.) But I digress; jeez this is already getting away from me, anyway back to the coffee.

You know our super cool brightly colored awesomely designed labels? Yeah me too because I pop roughly a billion of those bad boys on our bags every morning, and then I’m off to my station. Ah, my station, a sanctuary for… Hey! Don’t you touch that tape gun! Oh no you did not just take that pen, why I oughta… sorry sometimes it’s like the wild west over here and a man has to protect his property, but you know, instead of with pistols and dynamite it’s with complaining about it until your rival wants to die and gives it back, otherwise known as my specialty.

Once my bags are stuck with a MOSA number, filled with our wonderful coffee, and ground to order, it’s time to swing over to web sales (that’s two Spider-Man references if anyone is counting). This is where all the pieces of my little puzzle come together and I’m shipping out crazy amazing coffee to all the thirsty peoples. When all my orders are boxed up and ready to go, I gaze across the great unknown of the production warehouse like a sailor staring out at the vast, secretive, and monstrous sea and wonder, what is next for me? Okay, it’s not that dramatic, but that sounded pretty good, right?

Around here we like to say: beans in the bag, bag in the box, but really we do so much more. We play the Ultra-Lounge playlist for a Tiki flavored morning (try it with your coffee, I say you shan’t be disappointed), we reunite lost lovebirds (this story involves two stubborn cardinals, an even more stubborn pane of glass, dudes with brooms, and one brave receptionist), and we provide some of the best coffee around made with: care, our commitment to quality, and our conviction of giving the consumer absolute transparency from the farmer to the cup.

Phew, what a day. I think I need some coffee.