Coffee Compost

Yes! You can compost coffee, and more importantly you should!

Here’s Why:

  • Composting your organic Just Coffee Co-op coffee grounds (and filters) helps reduce organic waste in landfills
  • Coffee grounds have about 2% of nitrogen by volume
  • Coffee grounds are not acidic (after brewing, the actual coffee you drink contains the acidity)
  • Coffee grounds are nearly neutral in pH (ranking in 6.5-6.8 pH)
  • Coffee grounds improve soil tilth or structure

How To Use Coffee Grounds In Your Compost/Garden:

  • Spread grounds directly on to soil and work in a bit. (If left to dry on top, it can repel water – no bueno for the plants)
  • Spread on the soil and then cover with compost or yard mulch (leaves, clippings, bark)
  • Work it in with soil, mixing it well before planting (if you do this, you will want to add a nitrogen fertilizer to balance)
  • Add to your compost and mix well – be sure to always have a balance between grass clippings, leaves or brown litter, and coffee grounds
  • Compost your filters – shred them for faster decomposition

Now sit back, sip your coffee, and watch your garden grow!


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