Coffee Talk | Coffee Storage

You have successfully purchased your fair trade, organic coffee. But now what? Do you let your coffee beans chill out in their bag or do you store them differently?

If you’re like us and go through a 12oz bag of coffee in no time at all, feel free to store the beans the bag they came in! If it takes you some time to go through your beans or are maybe looking for an upcycled way to store them, read on…

There’s no need to buy some swanky coffee storage container, instead we’re here to tell how to upcycle some old jars you may have at home or found at your local thrift shop. Before we tell you how to give these jars a facelift, we should probably touch on what features to look for in an ideal coffee storage container:

  • Air-tight. To keep your coffee from oxidizing.
  • Doesn’t smell like whatever once lived in the jar [peanut butter, tomato sauce, etc.] This could cause your coffee to be off in flavor.
  • Opaque in color or can be made opaque [keep reading]. By having an opaque jar, meaning sun-rays cannot penetrate it, you are preventing photodegrading.

Now that we have covered what you want to look for in your storage jar, let’s get crafty! We all love stickers, some seek out stickers from their favorite bands, venues, restaurants, coffee roasters [ahem] and so on. Instead of letting those stickers pile up or fill that junk drawer, put them to good use.

EASY DIY Coffee Jar

Supplies Needed:
– Mason jar with lid [or other airtight jar]
– Spray paint
– Stickers

DIY Directions:

  • Make sure jar is clean and dry
  • Using spray paint, spray outside of jar making sure paint is even and let dry (we let ours set overnight around 10 hrs.). Note: Avoid getting paint inside the jar.
  • Sticker away and decorate jar
  • To keep stickers in shape over time, try using a water-based sealer/finish
  • Add whole bean coffee [or grounds] to jar and seal with lid.

Storage Reminders:

  • Keep your coffee away from heat to prevent heat degradation.
  • Stay away from moisture, it can cause contamination of your coffee.
  • Please, never ever, ever, ever store your coffee in the refrigerator or freezer. Coffee is porous and will pick up off flavors from your freezer and refrigerator… you know those faint smells of funk that you choose to ignore.

Now that you have the steps to create an easy DIY coffee storage jar, you can create your own and keep your fair trade, organic Just Coffee Co-op beans fresh!