Coffee Talk | Whole Bean vs Pre-Ground Coffee

Amongst the sea of coffee brands you find in the grocery aisles these days you’ll be greeted with the wondrous smells and offerings of ground coffee: drip, espresso, fine, medium and coarse, as well as whole bean coffee.

Which route do you go? Safe and easy pre-ground or risky, yet respected whole bean? According to coffee connoisseurs, whole bean coffee is always the better option, no matter your brew method of choice.

Now, we get it. You may not be able to afford a fancy grinder or may not have the time to grind your coffee every morning. But, hear us out! There are quite a few economical grinder options out there, and by grinding your precious beans at home, you will be doing your morning brew much more justice than you think.

Why Buy Whole Bean Coffee:

1] Longer shelf life. Sure, coffee technically doesn’t expire. However, it does lose freshness the longer it sits. Ground coffee will lose freshness exponentially faster than whole bean coffee.

2] Better flavor. Grinding your coffee right before brewing will ensure that you are getting the freshest, most flavorful cup possible. Buying pre-ground coffee will lead to less flavor because the flavor oils start to evaporate after being ground.

We get it. Grinding right before brewing can be time consuming so you want to go pre-ground. So how can you get the freshest experience without wasting your time or compromising flavor?

1] Grind your coffee at the grocery store instead of buying it pre-ground. This will help make sure there are still flavor oils still around when you get your bag home. [Find the right grind type here]

2] Buy only a week’s worth of coffee at a time. Again, this will ensure your beans are fresh and flavorful and the taste won’t go stale.

3] Store your grounds in an opaque air-tight container. It’s just a kind thing to do. [And never store in your fridge or freezer].

Shameless plug: Just Coffee does offer pre-ground fair trade organic coffee on our online store. We do so because we roast to order and ensure that your beans get to you as soon as possible for quality and freshness sake. If you aren’t shopping our coffee [tsk, tsk], we do suggest purchasing coffee that you know is freshly roasted to ensure you’re getting the quality and flavor you deserve.

If after all this, we’ve convinced you to get your own at home grinder, we highly suggest a burr mill grinder. Burr grinders ensure an even and consistent grind size which is extremely important during the brewing process!

Here we leave you with a few grinder options as recommended by our team:
[$: Most Economical to $$$$$$$$$: Most Ridiculously Expensive]

$ Hand Grinders

Electric Grinders:
$ Bodum Blade grinder

$ Burr Cuisinart DBM-8 grinder

$$ Burr Baratza Encore

$$$ Burr Baratza Sette

$$$$$$$$$ Burr EK43 from Mahlkonig

Don’t be afraid to get your grind on. Embrace it and enjoy the flavor and quality your morning brew deserves!