Coffee Talk | Grind n’ Brew: Grind Types

Coffee grind type can be confusing… we get it – but we’re here to lend some knowledge on what you should know about the perfect grind.

No matter what method of brewing you prefer, you are always extracting material from the coffee beans by using filtered water forced through them to make that delicious morning elixir we’ve come to love so much.  You might be wondering “Why can’t you use the same course grind for different brew methods?” Well, there is some science behind it. Changing the particle size (grind type) will either speed up or slow down the extraction process of the water through the beans.  Why is that? Well, depending on the size of the surface area (uppermost layer of the bean), and distance to the center of the particle, you can either over or under extract your coffee. In simple terms, grind size can make a huge difference in the outcome of your coffees flavor and consistency.

We want to make sure you brew the most kickass cup of coffee you can using our fair trade organic coffee. So, take a gander at the table below to make sure you’re grinding correctly:

02.07.2017 | Table

Remember: the coffee grounds to water ratio does differ between brew methods as well as personal taste preference. Don’t be weary of doing some research and testing out grinds before your next brew.