How To Make Coffee Soda

Summer is here which means times to jazz up, or in this case, fizz up your coffee game.

Coffee Soda has become a trendy [read: hipster] way to consume some good ol’ fashioned  [pun intended, keep reading] cup of joe.

In all seriousness, this summer-time, good-feelin’ recipe is quite refreshing and is a great way to get that caffeine kick while still keeping you cool in the heat.

Here is what you will need to make this fizz-tastic coffee drink:

  • Tonic Water [seltzer or sparkling will do]
  • An Orange
  • A veggie peeler
  • A glass
  • Ice

Once you decide what coffee base you’d like to use [cold brew or espresso] you can start pouring and mixing like so:

  • Fill glass with ice
  • Pour tonic water over ice, we would start with ½ a glass [you can always change your proportions]
  • Pour in your coffee and enjoy the beauty of coffee vs tonic separation
  • Stir
  • Using a peeler, peel a long strip of orange zest
  • Squeeze the peel above your drink to give it some of that zesty-ness – then rub the peel over the rim before you drop it into the drink itself (just like an old fashioned)
  • Drink & Enjoy

It’s as easy as one, two, threefourfivesix, seven.

 Tips & Hints:
Try mixing and matching your coffee base with your type of bubbly. The citrus of the Tonic goes especially well citrusy and fruit forward coffees like our Illuminator, HumdingerFirecracker Espresso or other light roasts. If you’re using Cold Brew, don’t dilute ahead of time. And yes, you can add gin if you’re looking to booze up this bubbly beverage.