Just Coffee Brew To: French Press

Just Coffee Co-op Brew To: French Press from Just Coffee on Vimeo.

In this #JustCoffeeBrewTo we’ll show you how to make a perfectly pressed cup of coffee using a timeless (and actually Italian invented) brew method using a: French Press!

Pro’s: Allows for all the natural oils that get lost when using filters to seep into each and every cup for a more flavorful cup of coffee.

Best For: Any type of roast or blend, but dark roasts really shine in this method.

Brew Tools:
– French Press
– Coffee Grinder
– Scale
– Kettle
– Filtered Water
– Just Coffee

Brewing Instructions:

– Using your filtered water and kettle, heat water to boiling
– While your water is heating up, coarsely grind 8g of coffee to every 4oz of water
– Add your grounds to your French Press
– Once your water has boiled, add just enough to saturate your grounds
– Stir slightly and allow to grounds to bloom for 30 seconds
– Add the rest of the hot water to French Press, cover and let sit for 4 minutes
– After 4 minutes, press the grounds down, pour and enjoy!

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