Just Coffee Co-op Cafes: Java Cat

From farmers to customers, we we want to know what people love most about fair trade, organic coffee from Just Coffee Cooperative.  Whether you’re an at home coffee drinker, grocery store or a local cafe – we love hearing how Just Coffee Co-op makes a difference to you.

Java Cat
is a long-time Just Coffee Co-op cafe account, located in Madison, WI – just minutes away from our roastery. Here’s their take on being a part of our Just Coffee Co-op community:

Q: How long have you sold Just Coffee?
Renee: We’ve actually sold Just Coffee the entire time that we’ve been open! We’ve been in business since Dec. 2005 and are currently in our 11th year!

Q: Why do you choose to serve/sell Just Coffee?
Renee: First of all, I fell in love with the company and people – before I understood the politics. I had been dreaming about opening a coffee shop and Just Coffee had the only people in town who would sit down and meet with me. Then, as I gained more knowledge and a greater understanding of the company, I realized how lucky we were that we started our partnership with Just Coffee.

Q: Why do you purchase Fair Trade?
Renee: Now, I would not buy coffee that was not Fair Trade. I have too much education about the growers and the circumstances they face. With Fair Trade, it’s most important to me that the growers are paid a fair price. I value coffee that doesn’t go “through Wall Street.” The problem with so many commodities: oil, grain, etc. is that the people buying it are not doing the work in the field to produce or harvest the crops. In our own little corner, we can do something that we feel good about.

Mimi: It’s also really significant, isn’t coffee still the 2nd most traded commodity in the world?

 Q: What information do you share with your customers about your coffee and Fair Trade?
Renee: Now, it doesn’t seem that it’s as necessary to share as much info about Fair Trade. It used to come up more often but times are changing.

Mimi: A while ago, people used to come ask us for “a Fair Trade” coffee. And my response was that all of our coffees are Fair Trade. People were really surprised by that.

Q: What is something that you would like to share with the farmers who grow your coffee?
Renee: I’m so grateful that they do what they do. From our side it’s hard to see the starting point. I wish the whole coffee market was better, and that it reflected back on them (the growers). I mean, we’re talking about something that a large percent of adults in the world can’t function without, and I know if it’s not Fair Trade, there are times when they are paid pennies on the dollar.

Mimi: I’m more conscious of the people, and more thankful than anything else.



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