We’re Growing Our Farmer Cooperative Network!

Have you heard? We’ve teamed up with this Laos based cooperative for our newest (limited addition) single origin roast!

The “Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Cooperative” or CPC was created in 2007 with the support of the Laotian government and the French Development Agency (AFD). In a place where high quality arabica coffee was virtually unknown twenty years ago, CPC is a prime example about what is possible when small-scale farmers join forces and use their collective strength to solve market challenges. Today this farmer-owned organization consists of 2,650 coffee growing households in 56 villages of the Bolaven highlands of southern Laos. In 2012 the CPC exported 603 tons of green coffee. and was awarded “Best Coffee Exporter” for their dedication to quality and advancement of their members. The organization continues to grow and currently exports over 1,000 tons of green coffee per year helping them to accomplish their mission of  improving the quality of life of coffee smallholders families of the Bolaven Plateau and to fight poverty in the region.

We’re excited about working with a new co-op and helping them in reaching their mission to create a just trading environment between farmers and consumers.

You can shop their coffee here and learn more about their co-op here.