Las Diosas La Roya Update

Author: Matt Earley — April 28th, 2016

Las Diosas is moving ahead and continuing to make steady recovery progress from the coffee fungus (La Roya) that took the vast majority of their coffee three years ago. With our non-profit partner On The Ground (OTG) we have been supporting the rejuvenation of Las Diosas’ coffee fields with new, more resistant plants and resources for technical trainings to introduce deeper organic practices on their farms. This latest piece of the project will bring 39,000 new plants to the women – 36,000 plants will go to community Yali and 3,000 to Los llanos. Each truckload can carry 3,000 seedlings, so they have 13 trips planned as of now. They have waited to send the seedlings until April because of the ongoing drought in Nicaragua as the co-op wanted to make sure there was enough rain to water the plants in each community before sending out the seedlings.

Las Diosas has also started buying the inputs to create the organic fertilizer for the nurseries being created in some base communities. In all, Las Diosas will create five to six new plant nurseries with funds from On the Ground going towards one of these as well as technical assistance for all six. The Technical Assistant, paid for by OTG fundraising, will be responsible for visiting all the nurseries and helping advise the women on best practices and new cultivation techniques.

Please be on the lookout for a Just Coffee/On The Ground delegation to Nicaragua to visit Las Diosas that will take place in the later part of the summer!

Thank you all for all of your continued support to promoting Fair Trade, quality and organic coffee.