Small Producer Symbol is Catching On

In 2013 The Small Producer Symbol added several new cooperatives to its membership and is growing very quickly in coffee and other products. The Small Producer Symbol (SPP) is the only fair trade certification that is owned by small farmer cooperatives and the only fair trade certification that focuses solely on commodities produced by small farmer co-ops. SPP is the up and coming fair trade certification and we are happy to be one of their first licensees in the US.
Over the past year several more of our farmer partners have joined the SPP ranks including Manos Campesinas in Guatemala, Fondo Paez in Colombia, Mejillones in Bolivia, Permata Gayo in Sumatra, and new partners FAPECAFES in Ecuador. They join Guatemala’s CCDA and Peru’s CEPICAFE as SPPcertified co-ops in the Just Coffee lineup. At this point almost half of the cooperatives we work with are in the SPP network.
Remember to look for the SPP label on our coffees as our producer partners continue to sign up for the certification program. Look for the SPP label!


 You can find all of the SPP coffees on our web store.