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Just Coffee Cooperative believes in business as an engine for positive change. Our intention in our everyday operations is to do good in the world. Coffee is the perfect elixir for bringing people together. Every day when we drink our coffee we are supporting the lives of the people who planted, tended, harvested, processed, and shipped it to us. We are truly connected, even if– at times– it is hard to see each other. Like any other traded commodity, coffee business can be good for people and the planet or it can be a destructive force. We aim to make it a vehicle for positive transformation.

B Corp certification gives us a credible third party certification that our practices meet our mission and values– it vouches for us that we are a business that aims to be a force for good in the world. It looks at our commitment to environmental sustainability, to work with our suppliers and our employees fairly, to be a positive force in our community and farmer communities, and to being a generally good actor in our industry and world.

With these things in mind, we commit to:

Transparency— We show you exactly who we buy coffee from, how much we pay them, and the chain of custody down the line to get the coffee to you.

Social Activism— We support progressive politics and people’s initiatives that promote fairness, inclusiveness, diversity, empathy, and interdependence.

Environmental Sustainability— We support agroecological and organic practices, carbon neutrality, worker health, and low-impact business practices.

Human Dignity— We treat our farmer partners, their communities, our employees, and our home communities with respect and openness. We advocate for human rights and access to the things people need to survive and to thrive, in this country and in all of the countries where we work.

Quality of Coffee/Quality of Life— Quality is multi-faceted and we appreciate all of its pieces. We roast our partners’ coffee carefully and with great pride in order to highlight their expertise and all of their hard work. We also pledge to work with our farmer partners in long-term relationships helping them achieve the standards that we all want and expect. We will not walk away from them.


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On Earth Day

On Earth Day

Happy Earth Day-- the day of the year we are encouraged to pause-- just a bit-- and consider the beauty, importance, and fragility of our home planet. A couple of weeks ago I was sent an article about the current state of climate change. The gist is that we are losing...

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Roasters and Coffee Farmers Meet To Take On Climate Change

Roasters and Coffee Farmers Meet To Take On Climate Change

Big agriculture has been a driver of climate change for quite some time. The fossil fuels and synthetic chemicals used in the fields have had a negative effect in terms of emissions and the degradation of soils. Small farmer-led organic agriculture presents a counter...

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