High-quality, sustainable, organic coffee your customers will love drinking.

Get people talking, keep them coming back for more, and feel good about selling Just Coffee

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Your customers want high-quality and sustainable coffee that they can feel good about drinking. You want to serve high-quality and sustainable coffee that gets people talking, keeps them coming back for more, and that you feel good about selling. You have come to the right place.

Just Coffee Cooperative Features:

  • Excellent coffee roasted on state-of-the-art Loring coffee roasters that offer incredible control of the roasting process and that are 80% more efficient than traditional drum roasters
  • A certified Arabica Q-grader on staff. With this training he expertly profiles each origin and blend creating coffees with great flavor, complexity, and consistency.
  • Unique and colorful label designs that pop off of the shelf. Almost literally. But not quite.
  • B Corp certification to independently verify that we walk the sustainability walk and work positively with coffee farmers, our employees, our communities, and the environment to be a force for good.

“Just Coffee represents all things delicious & good that can be accomplished within our food system. The company is employee-owned which means they directly impact their local economy; a fair-trade company means they protect the land as well as the cultures that help create their vibrant bean selection.  To top it off, they bring a great sense humor to the world of coffee and that is why Just Coffee is the way to meet the day!” General Manager. Sugar Beet Food Co-op, Chicago, IL

Co-op/Market Sales

Just Coffee Co-op coffee is available nationwide in 12oz bags or in bulk to food cooperatives, natural food markets, and grocery stores.

Cafe/Restaurant Sales

Our wholesale approach for cafes & restaurants is just like our approach to sourcing coffee: it’s relationship-driven.

Businesses, Offices, and Organizations

We offer many options for large and small businesses, churches, organizations, schools, offices, and other institutions.

Community Fundraising

Our program offers 100% fair trade, organic, and fresh roasted premium coffee to your organization.


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