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Just Coffee offers many options for large and small businesses, churches, organizations, schools, offices, and other institutions. High quality, fair trade, organic coffee will show your employees, clients, and associates makes an impression, shows you care, and tastes excellent to boot.

All of our coffees are 100% fair-trade and certified organic with consistent flavor profiles all year-round. We offer special seasonal coffees, delicious year-round blends, and distinctive single-origin coffees that are sourced a little off the beaten path. Our colorful label art and unique coffee identities stand out in a crowd of coffee companies and will catch the eye of your customers.

Our relationships with our farmer partners ensure great and consistent coffee every year and– after almost twenty years in business– we are every bit as committed to doing justice to our communities, our farmer partners, and the beans that we buy from them. Our B Corp certification and the contracts we publish vouch for our company mission and the way we do business. We are charged up to work together with you to bring more people into the world of great coffee from incredible small-scale farmers.

The Willy Street Co-op is PROUD to support our local, worker-owned coffee cooperative, Just Coffee! From their earlier days when they roasted coffee practically across the street from our eastside store and biked it all over Madison, to expanding across town to sell to other co-ops across the nation, they have remained true to their mission of transparency in trade and fair business practices- not to mention roasting FANTASTIC coffee!

Willy Street Co-op, Madison, WI

We offer weekly deliveries in Southern and Central Wisconsin at a minimal cost.

Please contact customerservice@justcoffee.coop or call (608) 204-9011 for more information.

Just Coffee Cooperative Features:

  • Excellent coffee roasted on state-of-the-art Loring coffee roasters that offer incredible control of the roasting process and that are 80% more efficient than traditional drum roasters
  • A certified Arabica Q-grader on staff. With this training he expertly profiles each origin and blend creating coffees with great flavor, complexity, and consistency.
  • Unique and colorful label designs that pop off of the shelf. Almost literally. But not quite.
  • B Corp certification to independently verify that we walk the sustainability walk and work positively with coffee farmers, our employees, our communities, and the environment to be a force for good.

Co-op & Markets

Just Coffee Co-op coffee is available nationwide in 12oz bags or in bulk to food cooperatives, natural food markets, and grocery stores.

Cafes & Restaurants

Our wholesale approach for cafes & restaurants is just like our approach to sourcing coffee: it’s relationship-driven.

Businesses & Organizations

We offer many options for large and small businesses, churches, organizations, schools, offices, and other institutions.

Community Fundraising

Our program offers 100% fair trade, organic, and fresh roasted premium coffee to your organization.


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