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Welcome to the Just Coffee Community Fundraising page! We have designed this program to support the many deserving causes out there and we’re grateful for the opportunity to play a small role. Thank you for all the good your organization does in the world!

We have a larger mission too, and by fundraising through Just Coffee you are helping support the farmers and their families who provide us with these delicious beans. We are proud to have socially and environmentally conscious coffee that aligns with the values of our many community fundraising partners!
We offer delicious, high-quality, 100% fair trade, certified organic, roasted to order coffee from small-scale farmer cooperatives around the world.

-Wholesale pricing allow groups to make 30-40% profit or more.
-A simple ordering process makes for a short turnaround time.
-Dedicated Customer Service reps to answer any questions along the way!

Bonfire Blend

Dream Big Decaf

Stompin’ Grounds

Your Custom Label

Hot Cocoa

*minimum order requirements on custom label orders see below

We are proud to offer a non-coffee option, Omanhene Hot Chocolate, so any of your supporters can find something to love from your fundraising efforts.

How It Works:

Read through the information below and check out our Just Coffee Co-op Community Fundraising FAQ-Page. Still interested (we hope so!)? Send us an introduction to with your contact information and a quick summary describing your fundraising plan. We’ll get you set up with an account.

First- Design your fundraiser. Are you taking orders from customers ahead of time or pre-ordering a bulk amount and selling in person at an event?

If you’re collecting orders, we have Individual Community Fundraising Order Forms –print as many as you need! We also can create a custom product flyer to get your supporters excited to engage. Put together a timeline and guidelines for your group, set pricing and goals, and start fundraising!

When your fundraising is complete place your order with our dedicated fundraising customer service reps. Compile individual order forms then fill out our Master Order Form and email it to Keep in mind a minimum order size of 25 units (coffee or hot cocoa) is required.


Want to take your fundraiser to the next level with custom label artwork? We are excited to bring back our Custom Label Artwork to our fundraiser program. It requires a minimum of 50 bags. But who wouldn’t want to buy a bag of coffee with your organization’s artwork on it? We’ll provide a digital proof of your bag to get your customers excited. Email us for more details on how to make this option work for your organization.

Check out our FAQ for more information and important details about deadlines, payment and how we get the coffee to you.

More Info:

Just Coffee Cooperative Features:

  • Excellent coffee roasted on state-of-the-art Loring coffee roasters that offer incredible control of the roasting process and that are 80% more efficient than traditional drum roasters
  • A certified Arabica Q-grader on staff. With this training he expertly profiles each origin and blend creating coffees with great flavor, complexity, and consistency.
  • Unique and colorful label designs.
  • B Corp certification to independently verify that we walk the sustainability walk and work positively with coffee farmers, our employees, our communities, and the environment to be a force for good.

Co-op & Markets

Just Coffee Co-op coffee is available nationwide in 12oz bags or in bulk to food cooperatives, natural food markets, and grocery stores.

Cafes & Restaurants

Our wholesale approach for cafes & restaurants is just like our approach to sourcing coffee: it’s relationship-driven.

Businesses & Organizations

We offer many options for large and small businesses, churches, organizations, schools, offices, and other institutions.

Community Fundraising

Our program offers 100% fair trade, organic, and fresh roasted premium coffee to your organization.


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