Rum Barrel Coffee



Rum Barrel Coffee


Q: What IS Barrel-Aged Coffee?
A: Barrel-aged coffee [or Rum Barrel-Aged Coffee in this case] is the process of rolling green coffee beans [beans that have not been roasted] in an aged barrel once used for aging wine & spirits [such as bourbon and rum]. This rolling process allows the green beans [which are extremely porous] to soak in the flavor and aromas of the barrel. The green beans are then roasted. This process gives the coffee flavor notes that were picked up from the barrel [i.e. rum].

Q: Does The Barrel Aged Coffee Taste Like Rum?
A: You better believe it does.

Q: What Type of Coffee Was Used For The Rum Barrel Coffee?
A: We chose to use the coffee beans from the Las Diosas Cooperative in Nicaragua. They are 100% Fair Trade beans and certified organic. To learn more about the cooperative where these beans came from, check here: Las Diosas.

Q: Does The Coffee Only Taste Like Rum?
A: The coffee does have a strong taste of rum [and maybe even a little bourbon since the barrel once held it], but you will still be able to taste the flavor of the coffee itself.

Q: How Long Are Beans Rolled In The Barrel?
A: In this particular case, the beans were rolled daily for 2 weeks.

Q: Why Does This Coffee Only Come In Whole Bean?
A: Whole bean coffee will has a longer shelf life than ground coffee. Think of it as a natural way to preserve. In this case, it is even more so important to grind only before brewing to keep the flavors intact for as long as possible.

Q: Does This Coffee Contain Alcohol?
A: This is a tough one. Alcohol evaporates as it is heated, but that does not mean it completely burns off. The answer here being, it may contain small amounts of alcohol.

Q: Where Did The Rum Barrel Come From?
A: We obtained the Rum Barrel from Twisted Path Distillery in Milwaukee, WI. The barrel also once held bourbon before used for aging rum. Twisted Path Distillery is an organic certifiedmagician of spirtis. Check them out.

Q: Is This Product Still Organic/Fair Trade?
A: In this particular case yes, it is 100% Fair-Trade and certified organic. The rum that the beans were rolled in is considered organic, as well as the coffee used.

Q: Has Just Coffee Roasted A Barrel-Aged Coffee Before?
A: YES! This is our second barrel in our first ever barrel-aged coffee series (hint that there may be more).

Q: Why Is There Such A Limited Amount Of Bags Offered?
A: Our Barrel-Aged Coffee is meant to be a limited edition special. Also, we can only obtain so many barrels, that can usually only be used for one roast before they go “bad”.

Q: Is That A Piece of Wood I See Mixed In With My Whole Beans?
A: Ah, yes. During the rolling process, often times pieces of the barrel break off. Although we have hand-sorted the beans after rolling them in the barrel and most of the wood has been burned off in roasting, oftentimes some pieces do make it into your coffee. This is also another reason why we only sell this in whole bean form and advise to grind right before you brew – so you can simply just pick these pieces out.

Q: Will Just Coffee Roast Another Barrel-Aged Coffee?
A: You bet your sweet arse we will.