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Corporate Gifting

Show your appreciation with caffeination

By using Just Coffee products for your corporate gifts you are not only supporting local small business but you are also helping support the international community of farmers and their families who provide us with these delicious beans. We are proud to have socially and environmentally conscious coffee that aligns with the values of our many of your company values. We offer delicious high quality, 100% fair trade, certified organic, roasted to order coffee from small-scale farmer cooperatives around the world. We are also proud to offer a non-coffee option, Omanhene Hot Chocolate, so any of your supporters will have something to love with your corporate gifts.

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Corporate Gifting With Just Coffee

How It Works

Read through the information and check out our Just Coffee Corporate Gifting Brochure above. Still interested (we hope so!)? Send us an introduction to and we’ll get started! 

First- Decide if you’ll be using our pre-printed bags or doing a custom label. If you are  going the custom route we'll gather your artwork and send you a digital proof of your art for your approval. There is a 50 bag minimum for custom label. Our custom label bags are filled with Revolution Roast.

Second- Place your order. We’ll fire up our roaster and get going on fulfilling your order!