Coffee Recipe | Bourbon Iced Coffee Cocktail



Coffee Recipe | Bourbon Iced Coffee Cocktail


There's nothin' like a good ol' cuppa brewed coffee in the morn or a strong sip of bourbon after a long day's work. Combine the two golden elixirs together and you've got yourself one helluva caffeine-kicked cocktail perfect to sip a summer's eve away.

Bourbon Iced Coffee Cocktail
Servings: ~4


- 2 cups Bourbon Cold Brew Concentrate [or regular Cold Brew concentrate if you don't have Bourbon Barrel Coffee]
- Bourbon Syrup:
- 1/4c bourbon
- 1/4c brown sugar
- 1/4c water
- Water
- Ice cubes
- Half & Half
- Sweetened Condensed Milk

[To make Cold Brew concentrate]
- 4oz of coarse ground Just Coffee Co-op’s Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee or Cold Brew Blend
- Saturate with 2.5 cups filtered water at room temperature or in the fridge for 12-24hrs
- Using strainer, cheese cloth, or other fine mesh – separate liquid concentrate from grounds
- Store concentrate in an air tight container [Concentrate can last up to 2 weeks when refrigerated]

[To make syrup]
Heat 1/4 cup water and add ¼ cup brown sugar. Simmer until brown sugar is dissolved, then allow to cool. Mix in 1/4 cup bourbon once cooled. [Heating the bourbon will burn off the alcohol content.]

[One Drink Recipe]

1] Pour 1/2c concentrate and 3tbs of cold water over ice [you can add more or less water based on taste preference, but you will be adding dairy which will dilute the concentrate even more]

2] Once syrup has cooled, add 2tbs to diluted concentrate and stir

3] Mix sweetened condensed milk with half and half to where it is just pourable with whisk. We suggest a 3:1 ratio of half and half to sweetened condensed milk

4] Float cream mixture on top of the coffee and ice

5] Stir, cheers yourself - then sit back & enjoy