Upcycled Coffee Grounds: DIY Coffee Candles



Upcycled Coffee Grounds: DIY Coffee Candles


The intoxicating smell of coffee is known to grab almost anyone’s attention (if you’re reading this, you’ve probably fallen victim to this intoxicatingly delicious scent). It’s a smell that stops you in your tracks and redirects you to the nearest coffee shop, or convincingly tempts you to brake your rule of no coffee after 3pm. If you’re looking to get the coffee smell fix without having to brew a cup(s) we’ve got an easy DIY Coffee Candle recipe using upcycled, environmentally friendly and natural ingredients:

What You’ll Need for DIY Coffee Candles:

– Upcycled Coffee Mugs (Goodwill is where it’s at!)

– Natural Candle Wicks (Amazon or your local craft store )

– Recycled Candle Wax or Newly Purchased (Amazon or your local craft store)

– Just Coffee Cooperative Coffee

– Sauce pan (that you’re willing to designate for only candle making use)

– Funnel (Dollar Store)

– Superglue (Dollar Store)

– Spoon or Chopsticks (we know you have a junk drawer filled with forgotten takeout chopsticks)


  1. Prep your upcycled coffee mugs by washing and drying thoroughly.
  2. Grab your Superglue and natural candle wick. Put a drop of super glue on the bottom of the wick’s base. Then place wick base in the center of the mug and let dry. We recommend doing this to make sure the wick stays in place.
  3. Melt 12oz of palm wax:

Place sauce pan on stove top, add wax and turn on stove top to medium/high heat.

  1. Measure one tablespoon of coffee grounds (or whole beans) (used or unused).
  2. Once wax is melted, pour thin layer into mug while holding the wick straight up. We recommend using a funnel while pouring wax to keep from making a mess, cleaning up wax sucks.
    Add a light layer of coffee and then add the rest of the wax. While wax is still wet, add the rest of the coffee and lightly stir coating the coffee in the wax. Make sure beans are not too close to the wick or they will burn when lit!

[If you are an experienced candle maker or adventurous novice, consider adding essential oils to add depth to your candles at this step as well. We recommend vanilla, mint and tobacco.]

  1. Keep wick vertical and centered, let dry for one hour.
  2. Trim wick before burning

How to Use: Once the candles have solidified, you are ready to burn and enjoy the sweet smells of coffee!